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Bathroom furniture, accessories - Other products


Bathroom Furniture

Our firm trades bathroom furniture of 'TULLI ZUCCARI', 'IDEAL STANDARD', as well as other factories in Europe. Choices are actually unlimited, ranging from wooden to lacquered furniture designed in various styles, from modern to classic, unaffected to stilted one.

bathroom furniture
bathroom furniture
bathroom furniture
bathroom furniture
bathroom furniture

Bathroom accessories

The classic line of bathroom accessories made of glass porcelain of 'Ideal Standard' (in varying colours) guarantees a lifelong choice, coupled with functionality of your bathroom. We also use modern designs in Italian bathroom accessories of 'BRONZE ART by ASLANIS' and 'GEDY' companies, which are made of inox, bronze, plastic, glass, wood and generally all the materials of modern world.

bathroom accessories
bathroom accessories
bathroom accessories
bathroom accessories


Made of stainless steel, granite and porcelain. 'Pyramis' stainless steel sinks are an investment of a lifetime thanks to their fine raw materials and lifelong beauty. Their resistance to heat and scratching is high. Moreover, they seem to perfectly match whatever kitchen decor and counter. Their variety is so large that there is actually no chance that you wouldn't find the right one for your needs.

'Pyragranite' granite sink series of 'Pyramis' offers models of pioneer design, a wide range of colours and unequalled striking and bending strength, resistance to drastic chemical substances, thermal shock and pointed objects.

Last but not least, white porcelain sinks of 'Ideal Standard' give a sense of unique luxury to your kitchen.


Cooker hoods - Mini kitchen units

αποροφητήρες κουζίναςOur cooker hoods, the tireless ally of the kitchen, give your place a different air and beauty. With the latest technology in their operation and functionality, they perfectly combine materials, such as inox, glass and aluminium. Electronic touch buttons, halogen lamps and innovative design offer substantial advantages to each and every one out of the 22 models.

πολυκουζινάκιαThe mini kitchen units and cupboards of 'Pyramis' provide a complete solution, which offers all the advantages of a fully equipped kitchen. They include a sink, hobs and a fridge with a freezer.


klinkerOur floor klinker products of unequalled quality, used outdoors and in professional areas, while coming in a large variety of colours and dimensions, guarantee their resistance to time and heavy use.

Glass blocks

glass blocksGerman glass blocks SOLARIS in all types, dimensions and colours. European quality for those who build with light and glass.


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